Your struggle is a portal, not a black hole

morphic resonance
morphic resonance
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In transformational periods, it’s easy to believe that your challenges are uniquely insurmountable.

Perhaps you’re interested in starting a podcast but have three children and a massive to-do list. Or you lose motivation while you publish blog posts out of a concern that your niche is “saturated.” Neither of these situations mean you’ll fail at what you’re doing. But if these perceptions dominate your mind, you’ll have a hard time convincing yourself otherwise.

You might resent the people who have achieved what you haven’t. They become harbingers of your absence of opportunity. You think: if only you adopted blogging earlier…

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No medication required

Like all great loves, your relationship with coffee began in earnest. You enjoyed your heightened focus. Bowed at the feet of your increased motivation. However, there’s a fine line between low-grade euphoria and scatteredness. You’ve become hyper charged. Agitated and regularly grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw.

It’s easy to recognize coffee’s downfalls, yet tough to walk away all together. Many people remain tired-yet-wired for years because of the dreaded caffeine withdrawal headache.

While coffee doesn’t leave without a fight, there’s more you can do about withdrawal headaches than take medication or forever remain in coffee’s…

Soften the division between the conscious and subconscious mind.

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If you regularly traffic in the personal development space, you know what it’s like to get fired up over a set of good ideas. Someone speaks to your desires and reminds you there is a way to get what you want.

Yet a few hours later, the sensory world blasts you with a reminder of where you are. You’ve got seven unpaid parking tickets. Your family members converse only in the language of complaints. There’s a voice within that says you’re prone to foolhardiness.

When you outpace fear and doubt, your conscious and subconscious mind align. After you strike this…

Breathe like your mood depends on it

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Anxiety is not an agreeable guest. This state, when activated, feels immovable.

You might believe that the only way to surpass anxiety is to avoid what’s making you nervous or hurry up and get it over with. The other option is to change your state with coffee, black tea, alcohol, a smoothie, the internet, or another person.

Yet you have a natural relaxation remedy built into your nervous system. You don’t need to wait for the ending of a high-stakes event or until you have a tea mug in your hands.

Modulate the…

Tap into unconscious emotional drives for near-automatic motivation

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You want success. And you know the skills needed to materialize it. However, growing these skills requires you to act, day after day.

Sometimes you feel delighted. You do your work and drop into a blissful flow. Other days, you’re frustrated by your procrastination. You’re confused about what you want.

This is resistance. And it comes in many forms. Many of them are sneaky. But what if resistance isn’t strictly a nefarious force? Resistance can encourage negative spirals, yes. Yet at its root it’s simply a messenger.

If you see resistance as the enemy, you use it against yourself. …

Success consciousness is a few paradigm shifts away

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Paradigms determine your values, beliefs, and assumptions about the way reality works. They govern the choices you make and the results you get.

Without active cultivation, people accept the paradigms represented in their surroundings. This is why they suffer.

People get brainwashed by mass media, public school, churches, and advertisements. Everyone’s persuading you. All acts of communication are instruments for getting under your skin.

If you don’t replace society’s programming with your own, you’re accepting mediocrity.

Subconscious mind reprogramming allows you to change the wiring of your perspectives. In this way, you take forward-moving action without resistance.

If you can…

Change your physiology and your emotions follow.

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Conventional thought says that state is unmovable. All you can do is wait for emotions to pass. A new perspective is a sip of coffee, alcohol, or 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise away.

Relying on external agents strips you of power. You can’t go for a run in every demanding moment. Blown about by whatever state has you in its grip, you’ll be ineffective. You’ll confront excessive nerves during challenging times. You become a friend of creative blocks, inertia, and bulging neck veins.

When you control your state from within, you gain power over your reactions. You determine your life’s…

There are at least seven different ways of achieving anything

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If you’re a human being, you’ve set a goal only to later find that nothing came of it.

In pursuit of your goal, you’ll conjure will power only to chew down your pencils, stare into space, refresh your junk email, and question your life trajectory.

Many people confuse goals with outcomes then wonder why they lack motivation. The truth is that you don’t want to achieve a goal — what you’re after is the result of that goal.

A well-formed outcome is an organizing pattern within neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Unlike…

“Action is its own authority.”

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When you begin a new habit, struggle abounds. The early days of learning a craft are filled with tedium. Fortunately, a clear time frame helps. It gives you a framework that reminds you of the purpose driving your actions.

Reaching the 30-day mark initiates you into a higher level of trust in your self and your skill sets. What at first seemed boring or difficult will involve much less friction. Over time, you’ll recognize that consistency is the key to growth, not talent.

I’ve compiled three of my favorite personal development challenges. These trick your…

Recognize wound-driven behavior & become the prolific creator you were meant to be

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In The War of Art, Steven Pressfield encourages readers to see resistance as an enemy. It’s a dark force that undermines creative efforts. It encourages focus on an outcome at the expense of a process.

While writer’s block is an impenetrable wall, resistance is a pest. Annoying, yes, but it’s something we can negotiate with. Interestingly, Pressfield implies that resistance is inherent to the creative process.

I disagree. It isn’t that resistance tags along with all creative efforts. Rather, most people use creative work, whether they know it or not, to resolve an early wound. …

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