Your mood and your body are inseparable. Eat for your attitude as much as your health.

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When you feel anxious, you probably look toward your circumstances for an explanation. But what if your tension could be the direct result of what you’re putting into your body?

If you’ve underestimated the link between your emotions and your diet, you are not alone. Most people trace their bad moods to parking tickets, subtle signs of disapproval from friends, and other unfortunate events.

However, your reactions to your circumstances are always supported by the state of your body. …

Don’t let coffee, nootropics, or brain-boosting foods replace more gratifying alternatives.

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If you struggle to focus, you might brew some coffee, blame whatever you just ate, or take a brain health supplement. Some of these interventions may be more helpful than others. Nevertheless, you can pursue all kinds of lengths to change your physiology and still fail to concentrate, stay motivated, or follow through on your plans.

Sure. Some of what you consume is bound to derail your focus. For example, a bagel is going to rapidly spike your blood sugar then cause a crash. Still, it’s clear that motivation…

It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.

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Have you ever noticed a disconnect between the nature of a conversation and the emotional energy leaking from it?

Imagine you’re having a conversation about socks. Oddly, you feel an undeniable sense of resentment coming from your conversational partner. This is about as harmless as conversation gets. Yet you still walk away knowing something isn’t right.

Most of us are prone to trusting the voices inside of our heads over our intuitions. We identify with our thoughts, plans, and intentions, but gut feelings feel slippery. …

Make “negative” emotions work for you

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Settling is characterized by the tendency to confuse low expectations for the extent of what’s possible. We grow accustomed to a certain class of feelings and learn to expect them, not because of our circumstances per se but because we keep our emotional thermostats, our expectations about what we can experience, at a low setting.

The trap is that when you’re settling, you may not be aware of it. …

From a person who’s grown hair, nails, teeth, and more

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The quality that draws many people to personal growth may be the perceived lack of ceiling. A personal growth journey can include exponential change. We can keep throwing ladders against the wall and travel further and further upwards.

With other projects or skills, the assumption usually is that our interest will only take us so far. For instance, perhaps we pick up a harmonica and play for an hour every other day. It’s fun, but that’s as far as we get. After an hour, our lips and teeth are buzzing…

Choose balance over resolution

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The stoics advocated tranquility as a worthwhile goal of life. Tranquility is striking because it isn’t bound up with the peak experiences and consequent valleys we associate with many other common life aspirations — achievement, love, or financial security.

Tranquility, balance, and equilibrium invite all of life’s wrong turns, dead ends, and disappointments. They allow us to set limits on our anxieties and regrets.

We can recognize our pain, taking possible steps to alleviate it, while accepting that it’s okay for things to hurt sometimes. If we don’t accept this fact, we become susceptible to mindsets…

What food and sleep do for clarity

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Coffee is heralded as a core focus drug. It’s associated with the world of reading, writing, and progress.

In fact, scientists have studied its ability to promote brain entropy, which makes it possible for the brain to process more information. It’s also associated with a reduced risk of cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.

Coffee has even been deemed responsible for the acceleration of the Enlightenment. The first coffee house in England opened around 1671, becoming a place where intellectuals gathered to sip and talk about ideas late into the night. …

Be curious, not polite

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First impressions are given a lot of weight. Without a positive initial interaction, a friendship may never bloom. Or so they say.

Although it may not be in any one’s favor if you decide to insult the friend of a friend you’re meeting tomorrow night, cutting through superficiality when first meeting someone may work to your benefit.

This article will explore how a not-so-great first impression can lead to a lasting friendship — or at the very least, the respect that comes with a willingness to be transparent.

The power of having many faces.

The friends you most enjoy having constantly offer…

Stop letting others set your internal atmosphere.

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What if you could think yourself out of or into any emotional state you wanted?

How much would your life improve?

Would you finally be able to write the play you’ve been thinking about since your early 20s?

Could you wake up every day excited and grateful to be alive?

You’d be free to craft the life you want if you weren’t subject to fluctuating levels of motivation.

In Awaken the Giant Within, Tony Robbins describes the ten-day mental diet. He picked it up from a 1937 book by Emmet Fox. …

What’s tastier: cookies or self-awareness?

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Double chocolate peanut butter brownies. Cinnamon roll coffee cake. Soft serve twist with chunks of Heath. Desserts are alluring, but have you noticed that your appetite for them fluctuates?

When you’re feeling well-resourced, those same foods can seem indulgent. Over-the-top. Even unappealing.

Yet when you’re avoiding a predicament, uncertain where your life is going, or unwilling to do whatever it takes to get your life moving in the direction you want, those chocolate chips really sing your name.

Humans are susceptible to dessert because we’re hardwired to experience sugar in the same way we did…

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