Treat Your Weeks as Days to Maximize Intentionality and Freedom

For a greater sense of purpose, re-frame the tight containers you recognize as days and weeks.

Benefit #1: Greater flexibility in where you put your attention

If you have multiple hobbies, interests, and obligations, and you squeeze them all into a daily schedule, you often only devote short bursts to each, and in so doing, you fail to get completely immersed in any one of them. Just as our sleep occurs in cycles, waking attention occurs within 90-minute intervals called ultradian rhythms.

Benefit #2: Synchronize with the rhythms of your body

All humans go through psycho-emotional cycles. Simply put, some days you’re more at ease and on purpose than others. You probably have consecutive days in a row when you feel optimistic and energetic, only to suddenly encounter a low mood.

Benefit #3: You can focus on progress rather than rigid and unconscious “measuring up”

“We seek our medication according to the configuration of a wound.” — Charles Eisenstein

When we impose limits or structure on ourselves, it’s often a veiled reaction to some form of pain. For instance, I tend to associate having skills with being worthy as a human being, meaning that if I’m not demonstrating or building on some talent or inclination, then I’m wasting my time.

Forget will power, resistance, mistakes, cause and effect, bandages, petrochemical fertilizers. Reprogram your subconscious mind

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